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Sewer Pipe Repair Options Los Angeles Including Trenchless Repair

When you think about sewer repairs most people think about backhoes, piles of dirt and a long trench dug through you landscape. You aren't sure what is causing the problem. It could be tree roots, perhaps a collapsed sewer line, or maybe the the sewer pipe is rusted or corroded through. Well you should not just commit to an expensive repair, learn about all the options as there are alternative solutions in Los Angeles.

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Pipe Lining

If the pipes havent collapsed and the line still has some integrity then pipe liners are preferred. This involves slipping a smaller ppe into the busted or leaking sewer pipe for a permanent repair. The most preferred and popular method and what works best in most scenarios is called cured in place pipe.

CIPP or Cured in Place Pipe

When it comes to severely corroded or seriously damaged pipes the cured in place pipe method is a permanent solution. This involves blowing and scouring the old pipe clear with high pressure hydro jetting. Then an epoxy resonated thin liner is sent through and allowed to cure to a rock hard slippery finish effectively leaving a brand new pipe within a pipe rated to last for 50 years.

Pipe Bursting

Sometimes a situation will call for a method called pipe bursting. This is also a trenchless method that requires little digging that effectively breaks the old pipe out of the way while pulling in a new pipe to replace it

Sewer Pipe Repair

You can find trenchless sewer repair in Los Angeles and throughout California. If you would prefer a trenchless sewer repair contractor local to your city of Los Angeles then we here at TSR Trenchless Services would be very pleased to come out and assess your sewer pipe issue and provide you with all your sewer pipe repair options. The first step would be to video your existing sewer line to see what kind of shape it is in and then offer you the best options to repair it permanently and without having to dig.

We don't dig because we don't have to!

Some Signs That You May Have a Problem

Some conditions or signs you might notice if your sewer pipe is broken, clogged or corroded

  • Your washing machine or bathtub will not drain properly
  • You frequently smell sewage in your house or basement
  • You toilet is backing up frequently or you hear gurgling
  • Sewage is pooling in your yard or you have very thick grass in spots
  • Your toilet is dry (no water)
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